Tuesday, July 15, 2008

The Experiment

I'm at a college. A professor is doing an experiment. three people, me being one of them, have to drink three glasses of water. person one takes a sip then spits the water into a trashcan. person two is required to drink half of each glass. Person three (me) has to drink all three full glasses. Afterwards, person 2 and I need to use the bathroom. As we are at the urinals a lady walks in interupting our peeing. person 2 freaks out and runs into a stall to finish relieving himself. I have to go so bad I don't care and just keep going. It's then that I realize the experiment was to see how much one had to drink before they didn't care who was in the bathroom. and then I woke up.

Sunday, March 23, 2008

The end of the world

You ever see a movie where something is coming and all of these rats are running away from whatever is coming. Thousands upon thousands of rats. streaming over everything in its way, trying desperately to escape something. That is what I saw. But this time it was people. Thousands of them. Running from something. I couldn't see what at first, all I could see was people running. I've never seen so many people. They weren't running like it was a race. They were running as if their life depended on it. It was amazing. and terrifying. After a few moments, I hear a huge roar. A tidal wave of flame is coming. It's 100 feet tall and it is what is driving the humans to run. It envelopes them as it goes.It's coming towards me.

I climb a mountain to escape it. There is snow on the ground surely the wall of flame will be put out by the snow. down at the base of the mountain there are still thousands of people trying to get away. I am now so high up the mountain I can look down on the flame, it is getting closer. People are screaming. I turn to look up the path I am going. A huge wall of rock has erupted from the ground, blocking my way. It's sheer face is twenty feet tall. there is no way to get around it. And then I woke up.

Saturday, December 8, 2007


We go to Texas to visit family. Its very hot. I want to play poker so we clear out a space in the living room. My relatives are acting strange. They have all sorts of junk around. After clearing out a space, everyone is distracted and forgets we were going to play poker. I wander through the house trying to find people. And then I wake up.


I joined the Washington Athletic Club. It's just a like a movie. The group of guys first are cold towards me, then open up to me, one guy shows me where to put my stuff. we start playing pranks on other people. I really like it. And then I woke up.